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Practicing the Craft of Marketing Consulting

We are a consulting firm that is proud to call its consultants craftspeople.  Our team brings years of experience along with the creativity required to develop truly breakthrough solutions. Each Orosy & Company consultant follows a disciplined methodology learned and improved upon by way of working on scores of client challenges and opportunities.  Their experience, creativity and discipline combine to deliver results that generate real business value.

The model we follow is comprised of four cardinal points which are Insight, Innovation, Strategy and Activation.  With insights we find what the market needs. Though innovation, new and unique solutions can be developed. Strategy focuses messaging and program elements with high precision. Finally through our many efforts, we have found that these three components are only as good as they are executed in the marketplace. That is why we can also provide guidance in activation.

Activation ensures the inspiration developed through insights, innovation and strategic preparation yield a healthy return on marketing investment. Importantly, we understand the role of traditional marketing tools as well as the power and incredible potential of new marketing technologies.  Take a few minutes to review some actual client case histories and contact us. We would be honored to count your company as a valued client

Let us take you through the evaluation of your compass and ensure it works well when pointed at True North for Insights, East as the Sun rises for Innovation, South where warmth and introspection aid Strategy Development and West before the day ends to deliver on your business potential.

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