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A Uniquely Powerful Consulting Delivery Model

Orosy & Company is built on a foundational business model that enables the firm to deliver on three client goals:

  1. Deliver work that creates competitive marketing advantage,
  2. Create sustainable change that results in the ability to grow over the long term, and
  3. Ensure that our contribution results in a healthy return on consulting investment.

We strive to help clients develop initiatives that have the greatest potential for success. Our unique business model gives us the ability to craft potent strategies and programs.  Team composition, and our consultants’ background and experience all contribute to the ability to be effective.

Consultant Background and Experience:

Our consultants bring tremendous experience to their assignments. Many have worked for brand name consulting firms and have had extensive experience addressing opportunities and challenge of many kinds, in many industries.  Armed with advanced degrees they have created and followed methodologies that have been honed and refined over time.

Healthy return on investment:

Orosy & Company is very competitive on fees because we have virtually no overhead and our virtual model allows for high utilization levels. When we compete with name brand firms we often beat their bids by a considerable margin. We emphasize that quality consulting support is not inexpensive. Having said this, clients should not have to pay for things they do not benefit from, such as is the case with our competitors who support buildings, substantial marketing budgets and other indirect expenses.