ArrowMarketing Compass

We are in an unbelievable period of powerful developments in marketing technologies.  Marketing is evolving rapidly. The role and responsibility of the CMO is becoming one of greater accountability. Expectations for marketing teams to drive growth are at an all time high. Successful companies take advantage of these capabilities and employ the newest marketing technologies to reach their target customers with pinpoint precision.

These marketing technologies have leveled the playing field…small companies can compete with large and even global players. We say WOW and design WOW into programs that combine reach with creativity. That’s the best description of how the Marketing Compass is activated in our engagements.

Here at Orosy & Company we use a proprietary approach to evaluate client potency in the marketplace. Our team has the tools to determine if your ability to develop insights, drive innovation, craft strategy and make activation work is up to the level it should be…at the appropriate level of investment and return on that spend.

Let us take you through the evaluation of your compass and ensure it works well when pointed at True North for Insights, East as the Sun rises for Innovation, South where warmth and introspection aid Strategy Development and West before the day ends to deliver on your business potential.


Client Case #1

Client Case – Grow the Biz, Kick it in the Pants!

Situation: Brand was experiencing significant year upon year volume declines evidenced by fewer new customers and long time users leaving the brand.

Challenge: Bring growth back into the franchise, to whatever extent possible.

Compass Deployment

Insights found the franchise was demographically and geographically located

Innovation was in emphasizing the quality of the brand experience

Strategy focused referential marketing at key potential consumer locations

Activation was accomplished with role models communicating the brand experience through social media


Off the presses: Evolving as we speak! Every consumer represents a lifespan of usage of multiple years, with payback after 18 months.