Methodology Used by Leaders

We start with the knowledge that a strategy is only as good as its ability to be activated. Or as Thomas Edison so aptly said, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”. We have perspired a lot. Through a proven process of strategy development, we find good outcomes. This process is one that works time and again because it involves a thoughtful, disciplined way of understanding options, evaluating them, testing their efficacy and building them into the most streamlined and efficient approach possible.

Orosy & Company employs a methodology used by leaders in the consulting industry. Rather than proscribe a solution or simply follow an expeditious one, we create options for our client’s teams to consider.

The process can be implemented over a two day offsite or grown over a number of months, depending on the situation.

The steps in the process look like this:

Create Hypotheses (More)

Strategy Options Development – One of Many Approaches

Strategy-GraphicCreate hypotheses about opportunities, gaps, needs, wants and preferences the marketplace would value – Development of these hypotheses begins be generating a foundational understanding of the current or prospective market. Hypothesis generation follows a facilitated approach that explores concept applicability across a range of risk and reward profiles.

Develop Options (More)
Develop options that match high potential hypotheses. In this step teams create options that range from the near-in, safe to do and expand to the out-there creative and unique. The team then assigns risk and reward profiles to each option.
Evaluate (More)
Strategy-Graphic-2Evaluation of high-potential options involves a large number of approaches. For known options the evaluation may take the form of a financial analysis (line extensions or expansion of current service offerings are examples.) Where the value of a lesser known option is in question, testing (many ways to construct tests) is in order.
Create Basis for Action (More)
Create basis for action is the final step in the process and takes the evaluation to the next level by creating a business case, plan and where required, budget detail by period.


Strategy in Today’s New Marketing World

SG-GirlMarketers are in need of a navigation system to guide them in today’s churning and quickly developing world of marketing powered by technology. Social listening, social media, big data, smart phone apps, blogs, posts, SMS, SEO, and the ever expanding list of new tools can be confusing to marketers.  Orosy & Company has created diagnostics that link the capability of the tools to the needs of the client market space. It is through this diagnostic that we can make sense of the many options available and bring the right ones together.

There are numerous frameworks for creating and evaluating strategies.   The key is to use one that has a proven track record and is aligned with the goals of the strategic initiative.  To ideate totally out of the box strategy options, a Disruption! (Christiansen, Harvard Business School) framework is the right choice.  When creating sustainable innovation from a base of established business with share gains as a goal, teams may want to consider the Market Positioning Framework shown at the top of this page.